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Our History
HSP was set up on 2003. the first Elastic adhesive bandage was developed to the market, and get the first customer from ITALY;
On 2004, RIGID STRAPPING TAPE with micro-porous came to market, and developed AUSTRALIAN market;
On 2005, UNDERWRAP foam tape printed was developed to the US market;
On 2006, Light EAB porous was developed to market, Australian and New Zealand market;
On 2008, Athletic tape was developed to the US market;
On 2009, Mr. Romann Liu, the CEO of HSP was awarded golden metal prize by SIPO-WIPO, the only person in the sports medical tapes field.  
On 2010, Kinesiology tape was developed to the global market.
On 2015, Hypo-Allergic rigid tape was developed the the market.
On 2017, Hypo-Allergic light EAB was developed to meet weightlifting games.
We HSP own more than 20 Chinese patents for sports medical tapes, manufacturing, and techniques, certificated by ISO13485, CE, FDA, GMDN.
Our Factory
We HSP believe that your creative work makes us an expert. We believe to provide high-quality & competitive products,for this we are committed at every level within the organization to continue improve the efficiency and work efficiently.
We are the first in China, who are awarded Gold Medal in sports medical products supplier for our own patents by WIPO-SIPO (China Patent Office);We have dozens of patents & utility model patents; HOWSPORT brand is registered trade mark in the USA, Europe, Russia, Australia and other countries;
We keep eyes on development of medical products designed to be carried out in accordance with the principles of human anatomy, human kinetics and focus on the prevention of sports injuries;
We are ISO, CE, FDA & GMDN certified.
Our Product
1. Kinesiology Tape
2. Rigid Strapping Tape
3. Athletic Cotton Tape
4. Light Elastic Adhesive Bandage
4. Hypo Fix
6. Under Wrap
Product Application
Sports injuries prevention recovery and protection.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
6 production lines 50 units.
Production Market
Australia, New zealand, European countries, Japan, The Us.
Our Service
1. We will check with bank and then give you a reply upon receiving your bank receipt of deposit or full payment.
2. Lead time will be advised when the payment arrives in, as well as the order will be scheduled in production plan.
3. During production, the photos of OEM packaging with tapes will be sent to you for your checking and confirmation.
4. Production samples can be provided when the goods is finished upon your request.
5. ETD. and ETA. will be advised after the goods' departure,and the relevant documents, such as Bill of lading for Custom will be sent to you for checking and confirmation for an original ones or telex ones.
6. We are always ready to help our customers to solve all problems/issues.Back Pre Tape Bandage suppliers
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