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Mini excavator custom steel tracked chassis undercarriage

Product Description

1. ISO9001 quality certificate.
2. Complete with steel track,track link , final drive, hydraulic motors,rollers,crossbeam.
3. Drawings are welcome.
4. Loading capacity can be from 0.5T to 120T.
5. We can supply both rubber track undercarriage and steel track undercarriage.


Specifications of mini excavator steel tracked chassis :

TypeParmeters(mm)Track VarietiesBearing(Kg)
SJ0501200900780180300rubber track500
SJ0801240940780180300rubber track800
SJ100138010801000180300rubber track1000
SJ150155012401000200310rubber track1300-1500
SJ200185014901300250360rubber track1500-2000
SJ250193015701300250360rubber track2000-2500
SJ300A203015001600300530rubber track3000-4000
SJ300B189515001700300527steel track3000-4000
SJ400A216616361750300530rubber track4000-5000
SJ400B199016001800300527steel track4000-5000
SJ500A225017201800300530rubber track5000-6000
SJ500B211815911800300527steel track5000-6000
SJ700A281222821850300530rubber track6000-7000
SJ700B279522651800300530steel track6000-7000
SJ800A288023501850300530rubber track7000-8000
SJ800B288023501850300530steel track7000-8000
SJ1000A380232022300400600rubber track9000-10000
SJ1000B380232022300400600steel track9000-10000
SJ1500A440238022500400600rubber track13000-15000
SJ1500B440238022500400600steel track13000-15000
SJ2000B380527002500600800steel track18000-20000
SJ2500B413932892500600850steel track22000-25000

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About US:
We are located in Quanzhou Fujian. We are a professional manufacturer that is specialized in producing High Quality Parts for Excavator, Bulldozer and other construction machines.
To ensure product quality, we are strict in quality control, from raw material, design, technology, manufacturing for the entire process of detection.
QuanZhou Dingtai Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Address: No.30, Suya Industrial Area, Nan'an City,
Fujian Province, Chin
Tel/Fax: +86-595-22289580
International Department 1
Contact: Anna
Phone: 0086-181 5998 5875
Email: [email protected]
International Department 2
Contact: Ally
Phone: 0086- 181 5922 2583
Email: [email protected] Department 3
Contact: Jane
Phone: 0086- 135 9927 5398
Email: [email protected]
International Department 4
Contact: Iven
Phone: 0086- 135 9926 1769
Email: [email protected] Undercarriage manufacturers
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