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This set of four rulers are made of plastic material with simple design and includes one 15cm right angle ruler, one 45 degree triangle ruler, one 60 degree triangle ruler and one 180 degree protractor ruler. It is a very convenient and practical set. For students, the plastic rulers are very light in weight, so it helps reduce their burden when they need to take them. The meticulous workmanship of the rulers brings comfortable feeling to the user and makes them happy. The rulers are in cm or degree to meet students鈥?learning needs or other measurement needs, it is sweet design with enlarged numbers on the scale for faster reading. The packaging is also in simple and transparent design, which is convenient for users to take the ruler they need and helps keep the rulers clean.
Product Specification
PackagingPVC bag
Product list per setOne 15cm right angle, one 45掳 triangle plate, one 60掳 triangle plate, 180掳 protractor
Quantity40 sets per box
Product Highlight
Clear scale
Product Description
1, The rulers have high transparency, the numbers on the scale is enlarged for easier and faster reading. And every 5mm, the line scale is longer. Very sweet and convenient design for users. Take the 60 degree triangle ruler for example, you can see 1-10 on the ruler scale, and between 1-2cm, there is a longer line, it鈥檚 1.5cm.
2, The edges of the rulers are designed with rounded corners, which is more secure to use, especially for little children.
3, The scales on the rulers are printed with UV technology, which is clear and accurate and more resistant to wear.
4, The flat rulers can fit the table very well, which is more convenient for students to measure accurately.
5, Made of plastic material, the rulers are not easy to change color or deform, not easy to break and absorb dust.
1, Please keep the rulers away from high temperature to avoid any danger or affect the accuracy.
2, It contains functional sharp corners or tips and it鈥檚 not suitable for children under 3 years old, children under 14 must be used under adults鈥?supervision.
3, This product is only suitable for general measurement and learning purposes, but not for other precise measurement purposes.
About Thunlit
Shenzhen Thunlit Technology Co., Ltd specializes in student school supplies. The products contain desk lamps, school bags, stationery ( like colored pencils, 60 degree triangle ruler), etc. Our products belong to the first-hand supply of the factory. Under the premise of the same material and quality, our prices are very competitive. Since the establishment of Thunlit, we have been adhering to the business philosophy of survival by quality and development by reputation, which helps us win the trust and praise of customers at home and abroad. All our product photos are taken in kind, no worry about the product quality. And we always know service is paramount. With timely after-sales service, customers can place orders and reorders without any worry or doubt.School Ruler factory
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