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TY-08A Face Recognition and Face Temperature Integrated Detector is an AI access control terminal independently developed and produced by Guangzhou Taiyun Tech Co., Ltd based on face recognition algorithm and infra-red thermal imaging temperature measurement algorithm. It has the functions of binocular live anti-counterfeiting, temperature display and high temperature alarm. It is highly accurate detecting a temperature within 0.3鈩?at a distance of 1cm-50cm. It can use the face recognition to allow access to certain area by opening doors if their temperature is normal however it can deny access if their temperature is too high. The optional built-in second-generation ID card verification module enables two product forms as "human and card comparison + temperature detection" and "human faces comparison + body temperature detection" to meet different application scenarios. At the same time, the interface is opened to customers for add-on function development to help customers from all walks of life in completing quick face recognition and the temperature detection. Taiyun spare no effort in the development of this product to overcome the difficulties arising from the epidemic. It can be used in schools, communities, airports, hotels, hospitals and other public places where people are gathering.
Product characteristics
鈼廎ace recognition: using the international leading face recognition algorithm technology for face detection;
鈼廡emperature detection: using infra-red thermal imaging technology for temperature detection;
鈼廐igh temperature alarm: the equipment will raise the alarm automatically with the detection of body temperature higher than 37.3鈩? which is conducive to the control of the key personnel in the epidemic management;
鈼廠upports to swipe ID card: optional built-in second-generation ID card verification module can be used to perform personnel identification and body temperature detection;
鈼廠upports 4G function: optional 4G module can be used for data transmission in temporarily established scenarios and remote scenarios without network cable access;
鈼廠upports strong light: can be used in outdoor strong light, shadow, back-light, and other harsh illumination environment;
鈼廡he adoption of RK3399: The powerful CPU enables stable operation of the equipment in the actual scene;
鈼廠upports infra-red sensing of human body: when the human body is detected, the fill light and the panel will be turned on. The face recognition is then started afterwards. The panel and fill light will automatically be turned off within 5S after there is no face detection. Moreover, the fill light can be turned on and off and the brightness can be adjusted manually in the operating system.
鈼廠upports voice/video call: visitors can call through intercom system.
鈼廡he use of binocular cameras: The camera supports live detection, reduces the impact of facial expressions and the risk of photo fraud during the day and night.
鈼廠upports add-on function development: The open interface helps our partners to quickly upgrade industry applications
鈼廠upports 485 signal / switch signal / Wiegand interface signal output, and can transmit data with different access control equipment and gate equipment.
鈼廠upports personalized customization
鈼廠upports cloud and local identification
鈼廠upports storage of more than 30000 faces
鈼廠upports wall mounting, gate hanger mounting, and pole hanger mounting in various scenarios.
Support Wall-Mounted, Desktop Stand and Floor Stand types of installation.
Technical Specification
Technical specification of Taiyun TY-08A Face Recognition and Face Temperature Integrated Detector
Face recognition part
System configuration
Operating SystemAndroid 7.1
LCD8 inch LCD and capacitive Touch Panel resolution: 1280 * 800
CameraBinocular camera:
RGB 2 million pixels, supports Wide Dynamic Range, Dynamic Range 115dB, strong light;
Monocular camera: (optional)
RGB 2 million pixels, supports Wide Dynamic Range, Dynamic Range 115dB, strong light
3D structured light: (optional)
Live detectionSupports
Fill-in lightLEDWhite light, fill-in light source for RGB camera, control interface provided in SDK
NIR LED850nm infra-red LED light, IR camera fill-in light source, Control interface is provided in SDK.
Hardware function
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0
Ethernet port10M/100M adaptive
Function interface:
USB interface1 micro USB
Output relaySingle relay switch (door lock), industrial connector output interface, Control interface is provided in SDK.
Proximity sensor
Effectively identifies the straight line distance greater than 1m. The distance can be adjusted. The system moreover can be set for automatic dormancy. Control interface is provided in SDK.
Card reader (NFC tag, RF card)13.56MHz 锛汵FC锛圛SO 144443a锛?44443b锛?
Control interface is provided in SDK.
RS485 interfaceHalf duplex communication, transmission distance greater than 100m, control interface provided in SDK
Wiegand interface:Output interface, supports 26 bit and 34 bit Wiegand interface, industrial connector output interface, control interface provided in SDK
The microphone and the speaker
The microphoneSingle channel,16 bit high fidelity voice
The speakerSingle channel, 8 惟 / 2W
Video intercom
Lines & accounts4 lines, 4 accounts
Audio codingEncoding/Decoding: G.711a, G.711u, G.729, G.722, iLBC, SILK OPUS
Video encodingEncoding: H.264, VP8, Decoding: H.264, VP8, H265, MPEG-4
Video resolutionCIF (352 * 288), QVGA (320 * 240), VGA (640 * 480), 720 (1280 * 720)
Voice recordingSupports
Management protocolWeb OMC, TR069, SNMP
sizeSize (mm)272*135*35
Operation environment
Operation temperature-20 ~ 55鈩?/p>
Ambient humidity10 ~ 90% (non condensing)
Power Supply
Power Supply12V/2A
The power adapterInput AC 220V output DC 12V 2A
Function keyresetSingle reset button
Temperature detection part
Field angle33掳*33掳
Temperature detection distance0.7-1M
Thermometric error卤 0.3 掳, indoor environment at 15-29鈩?/p>
ID card readerIt supports the verification of the second-generation ID card. Control interface is provided in SDK.
LTE capabilitiesSupport 4G and mobile terminals fits all kinds of network for internet access
OptionalWall hanger, gate hanger, desktop hanger, pole hanger.Face Recognition Thermometer manufacturers
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