high purity Potassium Fertilizer

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Product:Potassium humate
Potassium humate is a kind of non-homogeneous aromatic hydroxyl carboxylate with high molecular weight. It is a black particle or powder solid. It is extracted from Lignite by Koh liquid reaction and is soluble in water and alkaline, it contains active groups such as carboxyl group and phenolic hydroxyl group.
鈥?Anti- hard water, deflocculation
鈥?Improves potash fertilizer utilization
鈥?Slows decomposition to increase the release of potassium
鈥?Promotes crop resistance to drought and disease
鈥?Long-lasting and fast-acting
鈥?Enhances water holding capacity of soil
鈥?Reduces soil erosion and improves workability of soil
鈥?Stimulates crop growth
鈥?Regulates the release of nutrients
鈥?Improves the quality of agricultural crops
鈥?Improves efficacy of Herbicide
鈥?Improves the efficiency of fertilizer
鈥?Improves the yield of crops
It is suitable for punching and fertilizing, drip irrigation,foliar fertilizer, water and fertilizer integration, medicine and fertilizer integration.
Implementation Standard锛欻G/T 3278-2011
Humic acid%Fulvic acid%Water Soluble%Potassium Oxide%pHMoisture%
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A:We are a trade company and we have our own factory.
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A: We can provide you a sample up to one kilogram but you need to pay for the freight.
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A:Usually 30% in advance,70% against copy of B/L.
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A: 30 days after receipting the down payment usually. Urgent need please discuss with us to find a way out!
Q5:Can I get best price from you?
A: Of course. We don't chase excessive profits and always try to give best offer. If you are good at bargaining, you can also enjoy fun of bargaining. Just don't make it too hard! How should I pay? A: We accept all kinds of payment ways. such as T/T, L/C, West union, Paypal etc.high purity Potassium Fertilizer
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