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The highlighting quality which attracted me towards Speedy Drive Car Rental is their highly competitive prices. I could rent my favorite car at the lowest available price in the market that helped me save a penny amidst this pandemic situation. Speedy Drive Car Rental is an independent rent a car agency based in Dubai, providing both tourists and residents with the most extensive selection of vehicles to hire.

For example, the type of car, model, specifications, and year of production are all factors that determine the ultimate rental cost. They also offer airport car deliveries if you wish to take possession of your car rental right after landing. Is a flexible choice when you want to rent a car in Dubai. We offer a wide range of vehicles under flexible plans based on your needs. The daily average rental cost depends on the class of the car. Whether you need a sports car, a convertible, or a luxury SUV, we’ve got you covered.

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Also, Emirates ID is compulsory for the resident of UAE. Before coming to the car rental firm, bring your ID with you, as this is an essential document for every resident. There are a few essential documents and requirements you should always carry along with yourself whenever you head towards a car rental firm.

Can I turn right on red in Dubai?

Oddly, you cannot turn right at a red light unless there is a yield sign, which makes you wonder why they don't put a "Do not exit from inside lane on roundabout" sign up somewhere as well. Parking is prohibited where the curb is painted yellow and black and the use of front seat belts is mandatory.

We value your time and thus won't ask you to go through an elaborate process to rent a car from us. When you book a supercar from us, we will deliver it to your location promptly. RentMyRide adheres to strict sanitation and safety requirements. All cars are sanitized and disinfected to provide you with complete peace of mind. By visiting our website you can easily rent a car within a minute without any hassle and the car will be delivered to your desired location.

Long Term Car Rental Dubai

The legal age limit is 21 years and above to rent a car across the UAE. However, it’s completely dependent on the car rental company you’re hiring from. Some car rental companies require the customer to be 23 years of age or above while some even allow 20 year olds to hire a car. From daily plans to weekly ones, we pride ourselves in offering a short-term car rental deal to suit varied occasions.

Can I drive in UAE with Indian international driving license?

You cannot drive in the UAE with a regular Indian licence but if you have a valid international Indian driving licence you can drive in the UAE. That is all about renewing an international Indian driving licence in the UAE.

We make sure at Rotana Star Rent a car to keep the lowest prices in Dubai with the most modern fleet. No, you have to fill the gas after renting the car or you can pay the rental company to refill before delivering the car. Your primary concern should be the storage space in the trunk and the interior when renting an SUV.


One of the perennial challenges customers face in renting a car is finding a choice that suits their particular needs. Some people need something dark, sleek, and classy to drive around the city throughout their business trip. Others need something fast and fun to cruise the streets of this vast urban jungle. We make the journey easy when you wish to rent Mercedes Dubai and the same is done in the most hassle-free way. With Sana Luxury Car Rental in Dubai automobile aficionados enjoy a wide range of options to choose from. Incase you're getting a car for an unbelievable AED 500 monthly rental price, it's too good to be true.

It is always best to ask us regarding insurance and other details before you rent the car. Our fleet at Rentflex is offering unimited options of cars in all ranges from luxury to transport vechicle. We have collaboration with leading brands to provide the best experiences for the clients. If you do not find your required car in our fleet list, feel free to buzz us back. We booked a BMW X5 before arriving in Dubai and agreed on the time. When we arrived, the car was already in the airport, we spent 2 minutes to inspect and with a full set of documents went to the hotel.

Can you rent a Ferrari in Dubai?

Yes, you can! In fact, most Ferrari rentals in Dubai are coupled with a visit to Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi. It's definitely the best way to explore the UAE enroute. Car rental companies allow their vehicles to be driven anywhere in the UAE, barring a few locations such as Jebel Hafeet, Jebel Jais and desert areas.

Every car comes with standard mileage limit based on your rental period. Security block by credit card pre-authorization is automatically released by the bank on the same credit card within 30 days. You will be charged AED 5 upon crossing every salik gate.

  • Budget is a globally recognised brand offering quality, reliability and value for money.
  • EZhire is an online app which allows to monthly car rental without any hassle or paperwork in UAE I.e.
  • In case you came to the country for business or rest you can always rent a car in Dubai.
  • Experience true delight with our wide collection of high-ranked car rentals from different car companies just to fit your requirements and taste.

In case you don’t get SCDW, then you would be liable to pay AED 1000 as insurance excess in case of any damage. Dubai is one of the most well-known metropolises of the 21st Century. Its amazing story of evolution from a small fishing village to a global financial and tourism centre has captured the imagination of the world. Whether you are travelling to Dubai for business or for pleasure, there are a number of sights and sounds that you should witness. The best way to experience all of that would be to rent a car in Dubai. Renting the right car gives you the opportunity to travel to places with greater freedom and explore things on your own terms.

How much does it cost to rent a Lamborghini or Ferrari?

Nowadays renting supercars like a Lamborghini has become very popular in recent years. Lamborghini rental ranges from $1,200 up to $2,500 per day. It is one of the world's most renowned supercar manufacturers and they are among the most popular in the Exotic Car Rental business.

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