Embroidery Stabilizer Backing

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  Our company was established in 2003 and has been engaged in the interlining industry for 13 years. Therefore, we have a wealth of experience and excellent products.  

  Secondly. We have an independent factory. The factory is located in the beautiful City, Qidong Jiangsu Province. The factory has a total of 25 workers, all of and processed the German Karl Mayer precision knitting machine. The product has highly quality.

  Our company's products include three major categories, including woven fusible interfacing, non-woven fusible interfacing and non fusible interfacing. Among them. And other various types of fabrics are also available. If you need your own customized product, we can also meet your needs.

  Our company's products have a wide range of applications and are mainly applied to the lining of various garments, such as overcoat suit underwear. At the same time our products can also be used for luggage, curtains and home textile industry.

   The company have four German Karl Meyer precision knitting machines and a complete set of interlining powder processing and packaging machines. All use of automated production, product quality can be guaranteed.

   Our company has many years of trading experience, which sales products throughout the country. The most important marketing market of our company in Guangdong Province and Zhejiang Province. In terms of foreign trade, we are mainly committed to opening markets in Europe and the United States. What is more, we also provide services to customers in various regions.

  Our company's pre-sales services mainly include providing customers with the required product information and mailing customers' samples. The sales service includes the protection of the quality and amount of the transaction products. After-sales service includes customer feedback on the transaction and resolve the issues arising from the transaction properly.Embroidery Stabilizer Backing
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