discount Bio Filter Mat For Koi

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Our biological filter mat is made from high quality material which is helpful for developing nitrobacteria,with thick filaments and hard texture,so its good as middle-laying filter material.
1. good water resistance,light resistance,excellent water and air permeability,flame resistance
2. washable ,recyclable many times
3. durable
5. 50 KG/CBM
suitable for :
1).car paining room,factory painting room
2).filtration of central air-conditioner pipeline,collecting water and reducing noise,separate oil and water.
3).water disposal factory,tap water factory,cooling tower,swimming pool,fish pond,kio pool.collecting fish eggs,ect.
Healthy ponds require clean water. To achieve a natural balance, ponds require biochemical filters. Living filters use bacteria to remove toxic ammonia and nitrite. A suitable filter medium provides a large, special bacterial attachment surface while allowing sufficient flow of water without obstruction.
For years, our company has produced such filter mats, made from curly polyester fibers and a special water-repellent compound that is strong, easy to handle, easy to clean and easy to cut. After many years of hard work, this fiber (polyester fiber) does not contain chlorine and is therefore not hazardous to the environment after being treated. Large exports to Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe.
discount Bio Filter Mat For Koi
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