custom Motorcycle Chain

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We speciallized in manufacturing and supply superior quality motorcycle chain and standard industrial roller chain. It is a leading manufacturer in chinese chain industry, our head office Hengjiu Machinery Group established since1953 in Zhejiang province.
428H heavy duty motorcycle chain
1) Materials: 40Mn for plate; 30CrMnTi for bush; M10 for pin and roller
2) Available in shot penning / natural steel color
Feature and Advantage
1) Four side punched
2) Exactly 100% standard plate thickness
3) Grease lubricated for longer service life
4) Professional mesh belt conveyor heat treatment equipment
5) Strong tensile strength, strong fatigue resistance and high precision
1) Plate Thickness: 2.03mm
2) Breaking load: ≥ 20.6KN
3) Weight: 0.79kg/meter
4) More than 25000Kms guaranteed
1) Customized brand acceptable
2) Delivery time within 60 days
3) Samples availabe for test
4) Delivery with customer's own brand packaging
5) Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information custom Motorcycle Chain
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