Plastic Bags

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HDPE clear t-shirt plastic bags
1. Made of 100% HDPE virgin material
2. Best for supermarket and food industry.
3. Color , specification and packing way are according to customer.
4. Come with handles for easy carrying,and for people take more products.
5. Bag can be packed on roll, or on block,according to customer's requirement.
6. Film is strong and durable,bags can be recycled for many times.
Packaging :
Carton packaging for bags. 300 / 500 /1000 pieces according to the weight .
Founded in 2009, Condon Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise located in Shanghai Caohejing Development Zone, Songjiang High-tech Park.
As a professional importer & exporter, our main import goods are innovative products from Taiwan and mainland China.
Currently, our main business is importing and selling Innovative, patent disposable paper cups, most popular and bestselling PLA transparent plastic cups, and top brands of cup lids,cup sleeves,plastic and wooden spoon,fork,knife,plastic bags,paper bags,food containers, paper napkin, plastic straws,etc.from both Taiwan and mainland China.
We have warehouse and exhibition hall in Shanghai, and can supply you high quality goods timely. We warmly welcome customers from all over the world contact us for business.Plastic Bags
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