Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine factory

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1. Product name:
Flat surface labeling machine
2. Product specification:
Producing speed50m/min
Labeling accuracy±1mm
Label max width130mm
Label max length500mm
Label inner diameterφ76mm
Label outer diameterφ400mm
(LxWxH)Machine size2000x100x1600 mm
Machine power220V 50Hz 1500W
3. Feature:
1)Multi-function labeling machine: Suitable for unsealed hose body labeling, high-performance control and inspection system, ensuring fast and accurate labeling, simple adjustment, wide range of application
2)The pressure roller: the motor is driven by the servo. When the bottle passes the turntable to the position, the positioning sensor detects the positioning signal, and the labeling machine head is attached to the bottle body, and the rubber roller drives the bottle body to rotate , then pressure the adhesive label.
3)Product pressuring: it can be for higher precision labeling
4. Application:
The flat surface label applicator can be used for water, beverage, food, daily product, pharmacy, etc
5. Package
The flat surface labeling machine are shipped with container in the seaworthy vessel and suitable for export packaging
6. FAQ:
1. what is the delivery time of your automatic sticker labeling machine ?
30 working days after received the down payment and technical confirmation of the label system
2The machine can connect with the product line or not ?
Machine can connect with production line or put on the production line or operation alone. All is fine as you need .
3. How can I know your tube label machine works well?
Before delivery, we will test the label machine and send the label machine video to you.
7. Customer case:
After developing the market deeply, we already cooperated with different famous domestic customer, such as Xuehua Bear, Huiyuan, Jinglongyu, Weiquan, Kunlunzhixing, etc. Supply the different model of labeling machine for our customer. For example, The round bottle labeling machine is for Xuehua Bear, Rotary sticker labeling machine is for Weiquan, etc.
8. After service:
We will arrange one engineer for labeling machine installation and commissioning. Customer engineers be also train by our engineer how to operate and maintenance the labeller.
The total installation and commissioning will take around 2-4 working days.
9. Production Process Table
1Customer requirement
2Technical confirmation
3Machine production
4Machine testing
5Machine checking
6Machine deliveryAutomatic Sticker Labeling Machine factory
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