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wire rack display stands
Freavon wire rack display stands feature sturdy T-style legs to create a free-standing display or organizer. Whether you're looking for solution in a retail environment, garage, school or office, you can't go wrong with this grid unit. No tools are needed for the quick and easy assembly. The grid panel is a perfect foundation for accessories such as baskets, hooks, shelves and hangnails to provide limitless uses.
Technical Details:
Material: Steel
Color: Black
Grid unit 2'x6' with legs
Each square is approx. 3"x3". Total of 8 W x 24 H of squares.
Weight: 24.4 pounds
Q: When will I know the price after I send my inquiry?
A: Our sale manager usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you want to get the price sooner, please contact us directly by phone, or send email to our manager ([email protected]), we are happy to receive your call and email.
Q:Is is okay to take a look at the factory?
A: Yes. We are happy to give you a tour of our factory. Please contact our sale manager by phone or email ([email protected]) if you are planing to come to our factory.
Q: How your company and factory control the product's quality?
A: Quality is our priority. We strictly control every process and details from raw material purchase to production to shipment. Each team has their QC to ensure the production quality control.
Q:What are the dimensions of this item?
A:The dimensions of this item is 3*4*13 inches
Q:Are there any other colors available for this item?
A:Yes. There are three common colors, which are black, white and silver. If customers want to order a large amount of this item in a specific color, we can also do that.
Q: How about your after-sales service?
A: We can guarantee our product's quality. If there is any defective product, we will replace the product for customer unconditionally.Candy Shelves suppliers
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