Nitrogen Generator and system Price list

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The technology used to produce a continuous flow of high purity N2 How Lab Gas Nitrogen Generators Work is pressure swing adsorption (PSA). This technology uses a combination of molecular sieves to selectively eliminate O2 and other contaminants in the ambient air. The CMS column(s) alternate between the purification and regeneration modes to ensure continuous N2 production. The gas generator is designed to take pre-filtered compressed air at 7 or 8.5 barg (102 or 123 psi g) (depending on model) from the existing laboratory supply or via the integrated oil-free compressor.
This flow of filtered compressed air then passes through the CMS column which is in the purification mode. At this point, the O2, CO2, humidity and hydrocarbons are eliminated from the compressed air, producing a flow of clean and dry high purity nitrogen. For zero N2 generators, a heated catalyst oxidizes additional hydrocarbons from the N2 gas flow providing zero grade N2 with a remaining hydrocarbon content of <0.1ppm.  
◆ Delivers UHP nitrogen at up to 3 L/min or up to 5 L/min depending on
◆ Suitable for applications such as GC, DSC, DMA
◆ Available with or without an external compressor
◆ Contains self-regenerating Carbon Molecular Sieve purification
◆ The most convenient method of laboratory gas supply
◆ Gas is supplied on demand so generator works to your schedule
◆ Remove the hassle and safety concerns with ordering and
replacing pressurized cylinder gas
◆ 12 month comprehensive on-site warranty
◆ Max Flow Rate —— Up to 3 L/min
◆ Max Outlet Pressure —— 80 psi / 5.5 bar
◆ Max Relative Humidity —— 70% Non-Condensing
◆ Max Altitude —— 2000 Metres
◆ Nitrogen Purity —— 99.9995%
◆ Particles —— <0.01μm
◆ Gas Outlets —— 1 x 1/4” BSPP
◆ Phthalates —— None
◆ Suspended Liquids —— None
◆ Service commitments include pre-sale services, sales services, after-sales service in three parts
◆ Pre-sale services include: quotes, advice, visits, visits and so on
◆ Sales services include: layout, planning, modification, training and so on
◆ After-sales service include: the most favorable spare parts; the most favorable catalyst, adsorbent; lifelong consulting services; regular return visit; the fastest time to resolve the accident.
If you have specific equipment parameters, please contact us to provide a professional offer.   Nitrogen Generator and system Price list
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