wholesale GSM Network Smart Gas Meter

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IC card prepaid prepayment aluminum smart prepaid gas meter G1.6 G2.5 G4 for home use
The gas mete is suitable for various gas media.The integrated calibration system coordinates the movement of the valves in relation to the optimum gas flow.The excellent linearity of the error curve is guaranteed even at low flow rates.Due to the optimum sliding characteristics of the valves,the Qmin value remains stable and the gas meter is resistant to contamination.
1.Prepaid function
2.Overdrawing function
3.Anti store-up gas function
4.Hint and warning function
5.Built-in shut-off valve
6.Anti magnetic interference
7.Magnet attack resistance function
8.Flow rate limitation function
9.Data transfer function
10.Gas value hoarding resistance function
11.Status self-detect and notice function
12.Dual display with LCD and mechanical counter wheel
Technical parameters
Packaging & Delivery
Production workshopwholesale GSM Network Smart Gas Meter
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