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Four road non-site specific controller A-LC6A
At the same time can monitor 4 non - positioning leakage induction rope.
Each induction cable can reach 800 meters
Compact and beautiful appearance, good sealing, waterproof.  

1. Product Introduction
(1) RS485 and relay signal output

A-LC6A can output digital signals, with standard industrial RS485 Modbus protocol. Four relay outputs are available because four induction cords can be monitored simultaneously
(2) Baud rate can be setting

Varieties of communicational baud rate can be chosen by setting the module address and baud rate through the software.
(3) Power suppler

DC 12V power supply, the power supply is of direct plug type, which is very convenient
2.  Product Parameter
Item number AY-LC6A Note
    ratingPower supply DC 12VDC 12V
operating current ≤0.1A≤0.1A
Operating temperature-20℃~+75℃
Water leak detection LED indicatorOne power (POWER, green)
Four alarms (ALM, red)Operate normally , POWER always on;“ALM” flash when alarms
ButtonOne button
“Elimination” (under “ALM 1”)Press the button “Elimination”
momentarily to eliminate the alarm
Detection channels4 sensing cable
Output signal4 out puttings
Sensor cable length (meter)800mThe length can be customized if need.
Relay output4 out puttings
Output modelDigital output
    signalInterface meansRS485 communication mode
Communication protocolMODBUS
Communication rate9600(4800,19200), N, 8The baud rate can be set
Specification Length*width*heigh mm104x59x28mm
3. Product details and application
(1) Attention
*Make sure the power is off when connecting the equipment to the wires in case of it getting burned and the danger.
*Handle With Care to avoid mechanical crash.
*Keep it dry and away from the metal filings, grease, pipe coatings and other contaminant.
*Keep the sensing cable away from combustion, strong magnetic filed and dust.
*Avoid the sharp objects in case of the scratching and avoid the stumble when arrange the cable.
*The leak detecting distance is set within 800 m, please contact us if it needs lengthening.
(2) A set of four road water leakage detection system
A non-location four road water leak detector A-LC6A
Four leading wire A-LLW68
Four non-location water leak sensing cable A-LC1B

(3) Application
It can be used in basic stations, libraries, warehouse, museums, smart buildings, industrial sites, and other important places of real-time leak detection, which plays an important role in the safe operation of the equipments and the save of significant files.

(4) Company profile
Shenzhen An Ying technology co., ltd. is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China, with 10 years of experience in the production of water leakage alarm equipment. In the Internet of things industry, our company designs and produces a series of Internet of things products, such as temperature and humidity sensor controller, intelligent air conditioning controller, intelligent agricultural products and so on. Our products sell well all over the world. Welcome to make an inquiry
4. Payment Shipping and Package  
(1) Payment
T/T, PayPal, online order etc.

(2) Shipping
DHL, UPS, FedEx, EMS etc. Express delivery.

(3) Package
Standard export cartons package, OEM packages also can be supported.
5. FAQ
(1)  Are you checking all your goods before delivery?
Yes, we all have to test the equipment before it goes out.

(2) How do you make our business a long, good relationship?
We maintain good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers’ interests;
We respect every customer, as our friend, we do business in good faith, and make friends with them. No matter where they come from.

(3) Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
Our factory is located in Shenzhen City. Warmly welcome to visit us.
6. News
How AI Can Help Tackle Climate Change
The IT industry’s impact on global climate is well known. Countless servers, storage systems and network devices in equally countless data centers around the world are said to consume about 3 percent of total energy supplies every year, and this is likely to rise as billions of IoT devices come online.
But as it turns out, this expanding data infrastructure is proving vital in the effort to address some of the most intractable problems affecting climate change – everything from farming practices to modern transportation. In particular, artificial intelligence (AI) and its many iterations, such as machine learning (ML) and neural networking (NN), are proving to be highly adept at spotting the many inefficiencies in modern society that contribute to climate instability.
AI’s ability to affect the climate is about as varied as the technology itself. Columbia University’s Renee Cho notes that it is helping farmers push yields per hectare up by 30 percent through more accurate land prep, fertilization and watering. At the same time it is helping electric utilities around the world drive out inefficiencies in their grids and spur greater use of renewable energy sources. It is also leading to revolutionary advances in both the detection and prediction of natural disasters like hurricanes and tropical cyclones, with some models now providing intensity and pathway predictions with 90 percent accuracy or better. This allows recovery organizations to better allocate resources for preventative operations such as shoring up seawalls and evacuating citizens, and in the aftermath for damage assessment and to streamline the delivery of emergency supplies.  
buy Leak Sensor
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