cheap price LED Bulb A70

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1. Product variety: LED Bulb with different sizes are available for your choice.
2. Modern appearance: Combine lighting and decoration function together.
3. Flexible application: wall and ceiling application.
4. Perfect lighting performance: instant soft light with no dark spot.
5. Superior production craft: good corner seam junction.
6. Energy saving: 80% energy-saving with higher luminous efficiency than the traditional lights.
7. Longer lifespan: excellent thermal management and refined alumimum lengthen lifetime up to 50.000 hours.
8. We have unigue professional R&D, production ,quality control teams.
9. With imported advanced more than 10 years experience in led market to provide OEM/ODM.
10. Professtional production workers: about 200 persons.
11. Production line: 10 lines.
12. Month production capacity is price LED Bulb A70
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