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Our History
YK Industrial Co., Ltd, formerly known as Dongguan YSD Sporting Goods Factory established in 2009, with the development of the times and the market, in order to meet the needs of fast-growing foreign trade orders and also to provide better service for overseas OEM buyers. In 2014, YK Industrial Co., Ltd. was established.
The company has 50 employees, and most of them have more than 10 years of work experience. The company's customers are located in Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Southeast Asia, Russia, etc.
The company is mainly engaged in diving sports goods, such as diving suits, surf clothing, lycra clothing, life jacket, sports protective gear, etc.
In May 2017, the company completed the overall relocation upgrade.
In September 2018, he became a member of the Dongguan Sports Goods Industry Association.
In October 2018, we successfully applied for a national design patent.
In June 2019, new production equipment was introduced to improve productivity.
Our Factory
Our company was founded in 2014. Construction area is 2000 square meters and enjoy transport facilitation. Since the establishment, our factory has been people-oriented. We insist on sincere management, law-abiding business, and high-quality service, achieving good social and economic benefits.
We have 50 existing professional and Technical staff, All personnel who have 5-10 years of experience, specializing in producing NEOPRENE sporting goods, including diving suit, wetsuit, Surf clothing, Neoprene gloves, Diving socks, diving hood, Fishing gloves, neoprene life jacket, waterproof camera float, computer bag, neoprene slimming belt. We have our own development and design team to improve existing products. We are also constantly developing new products.
We own advanced production equipment for more than 30 sorts. We have 6 production line (three for needles stitching, the others for blind stitching), staff of 50 people, production ability of diving suit up to 10,000 pcs monthly, annual of 120,000 pcs more.
Quality, efficiency, integrity is our core business philosophy.
Add: No.18, Quling Rd., Quantang Community, Liao Bu Town, DongGuan City, Guangdong Province, China
Our Product
Neoprene suit, neoprene gloves, neoprene socks, sport protector, life jacket, rash guard, waterproof camera float.
Product Application
Diving, surfing, beach sports, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, etc.
Production Equipment
Computerized machine, platform machine, piping machine, four-six stitching machine, blind stitching machine, etc.
Production Market
Europe, USA, Russia, Singapore, Australia, etc. Annual sales of 2 million US dollars.Customized Neoprene Wetsuit For Swimming
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