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This series is suitable to the regulation which requests high precision, during the flux of control liquid.
Electric single-seated, double-seated and sleeve regulating valves are composed of common  DKZ series or imported electric actuator series and valve body which valve core is single-seated type, double-seated type or sleeve type.
It has a lot of control way, flow characteristic equal percentage and linearity .

Parameters of Automatic Control Valve
The material of valve body: cast iron, cast steel, cast stainless steel and so on.
Pressure grade: 1.6Mpa, 4.0Mpa, 6.4Mpa
Connecting type: flange coupling
Temperature range: normal temperature -20---230ºC  the thermal slug type -60---450ºC
Operation form: automatic open or close
Flow characteristic: equal percentage, linearity
Leakage: single-base valve: 0.01* rating Kv
               double-base valve, sleeve valve: 0.5%* rating Kv
Nominal   bore  mm20253240506580100125150200
Valve core   diameter  mm10121520253240506580100125150200
Rated flux   coefficient Kv1.223.2581220325080120200280450
Nominal   pressure Mpa1.6 4 6.4
Match DKJ   actuator
Differential   pressure Mpa6.
Match   introduced actuatorspecificationA+Z64
Differential   pressure Mpa6.
Rated travel   mm1016254040
Flux   characteristicEqual percentage   Beeline
Function   styleVolt   on  Volt off
Temperature   rangeNormal   temperature: -20 — +200 degree abstraction of heat: -60 — +450   degree

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