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Theory introduction of product:
RF technology wrinkle removal principle
Natural resistance movement of the subcutaneous tissue to produce heat by RF into the subcutaneous tissue, immediate contraction of collagen after heating at the same time, stimulate the dermal layer secrete more new collagen contraction and fill vacancies when collagen loss, then bracket again hold up the skin, restoring skin elasticity.
When the steady stream of produce collagen, so the increase in the thickness and density of the dermal layer of the skin, fill wrinkles, eliminate Scars, restore skin elasticity and gloss, make the skin look white and tender. With the dermal collagen freshmen and rearrange the skin soft bracket. Be present, wrinkles are filled, sagging skin become full,compaction and elastic.
RF Technology skin reconstruction principle
Within 1 second, the RF system can be the treatment of the electric field in the parts of the biological tissue electrode changing several million times, tissue Charged particles are generated at the same frequency the rapid Brownian motion, the tissue columnar distribution of heat to destroy the hydrogen bonding structure of collagen, thereby changing the triple helical structure of the collagen molecule, resulting in the immediate contraction of the collagen, instantly firming treatment effect; circulation system result in dermal tissue with mild to moderate thermal damage, similar to the three stages of the wound healing (inflammatory phase, the proliferation phase, the remodeling phase), to improve the dermal remodeling shape, in order to achieve the reconstruction of the skin and remodeling occurs simultaneously effectively eliminate severe wrinkles, lasting effect.compaction and elastic.
The photothermal principle fractional distributed
On RF probe, heat though fractional cluster heat transfer to the depth of subcutaneous ,this facial layer forming a lattice of collagen adhesion so that the tightening of the skin firmly repositioned on a collagen scaffold, to achieve the purpose of pulling facial. The cluster lattice heat source key to overcome the past excessive RF heat source, so that the skin can not withstand shortcomings (i.e., the phenomenon of thermal cap), so that
the depth of collagen cells get sufficient heat release, stimulate regeneration, adhesion to surrounding collagen, to form a solid support. The only RF lattice thermal to ensure heat dermal fiber layer, and true to the fiber layer of thermal effects.
Fractional RF system is a ideal skin rejuvenation technology through the application precise control of RF energy deep into a certain depth of dermis. The unique mesh segmented radio frequency technology, reticular energy incoming dermis layer epimerization
Grid let Segmented RF energy evenly distribute on the surface of the skin, to avoid partial burns caused by uneven energy. Mesh segmentation together with grid form to Distribution of energy on the surface to ensure care of every inch of your skin, in order to fully stimulate the regeneration of collagen, the dermal layer maximum toning effects, but also firm subcutaneous tissue, shape prominent contours.
Fractional RF effects
Remove wrinkles and skin rejuvenation
Fractional RF address the regenerative capacity of the skin and enhance skin problems such as the tissue temperature rise through the direct effect, promote blood flow, enhance body defense mechanisms, promote blood circulation, increase metabolism to achieve function. The frequency of this principle to the security of the skin under the direction of the facial muscles massage will stimulate the dermis layer of collagen components it activated and soothing stiff facial muscles, promote blood circulation, enhance the skin to achieve results. And deep thermal cells of the RF, in the discharge process in the body heat, to use packs interval softening, massage cream will be found that surprisingly the process of being absorbed.
Remove freckles / whitening Management
Hormone secretion normalization, provide oxygen to the waste discharged, achieve cell activity and inhibit the secretion of melanin, Decomposition of melanin.
Acne, acne scars fade
The bio-heat rise will become the antibacterial effect,Sebaceous glands to normalize,regulate sebum production,To the skin to improve the regeneration function, cuticle sinceContingent loss, dilute the effectiveness of reach of smallpox in India.Bio-heat rise to the formation of the antibacterial effect, the sebaceous glands to normalize, regulate sebum secretion, improve the regeneration function to the skin, cuticle will naturally fall off, to dilute the effectiveness of smallpox in India.
Restore skin elasticity
Promote to the cells activated into the blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, giving the skin elasticity, using deep heat to relieve stiff muscles and break down fat excreted,and reach cell activity, giving the skin elasticity.
Improve skin texture
For the oily skin, large pores and the horny thick purify skin, remove excess thick, purify the pores, break down grease, smooth and tighten pores, make the skin to be bright and clean.
For the dull skin, fatigue, pallor, edema Oxygen skin, it can accelerate oxygen uptake,improve circulation and dull.
Eye problem solution
Eliminate eye dark circles, bags under the eyes, eye pattern and relieve edema.
Improve the body function
Subside edema frivolous, improve vascular and lymphatic circulation
Fractional RF features:
Luxury exclusive probe
Almighty plastic Maggie essence of your lies in every treatment, use dedicated exclusively unique probe of the United States, each probe are no longer re-use, most complete elimination of cross-infection to ensure that every customer the most respect for the pet therapy enjoy.Precise positioning balanced and comprehensive
Precise positioning balanced and comprehensive
With the frame medicinal sticker, precise positioning emission treatment balanced wavelength energy, to prevent the omission, uneven energy Circumstances activate every corner of the whole face of the growth factor, collagen simultaneous excitation, a full range of skin glow with youthful vitality.
High-energy high-frequency collagen rebirth
A shock of up to 600 million times the energy of high-frequency high-energy conduction
7-8 times the effect of one treatment compared to other instruments. The skin collagen fibers efficient activation, wake up collagen rebirth, reconstruction of the collagen scaffold, to achieve the purpose of the depth of firming, pulling and anti-wrinkle.
To one treatment save time and effort at once
To Plastic Maggie year simply by a single treatment can achieve the effect of such as wrinkle shaping skin rejuvenation. Surgery without convalescence,Done and go. Is particularly suitable for busy, no time to carefully maintenance crowd. One treatment, continue in force, every situation is better reached its peak effect after six months. Treat save time and effort at once the long-term firming effect of up to three years or more.
The one treatment that allows deep skin collagen sustained growth period of up to one year, six months, is the highest peak raw Long-term ability to grow a large number of excitation. Effect lasting up to 3 years.
The long-term firming effect of up to three years or more.
The one treatment that allows deep skin collagen sustained growth period of up to one year, six months, is the highest peak raw Long-term ability to grow a large number of excitation. Effect lasting up to 3 years.Thermagic price
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