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Package sample:
RRF-160C is design for portable sanitary napkin packing purpose.
It combines advanced technology with electricity and photoelectric and mechanical, the machine finish the process automatically:
Automatic Sanitary Pad Feeding鈫扨acking Film Feeding & Drving鈫払ag Forming鈫扴anitary Pad Move In Bag鈫払ag Sealing鈫扖utting鈫扖ollection
Model NO.RRF-160C
Capacity90-150 packs/min
Bag Sealing TypeFour sides sealing
Maximum Bag Size150x200mm
Mask TypeSanitary Pad
Packaging MaterialLamination film,plastic paper,aluminium etc.
Maximum Film Width780mm
Air consumption0.36 m3/h
Total Power2.7KW
Noise60 DB
Power Supply380V 50/60HZ,3 Phases
Machine weight2200kgs
Machine dimension4300x1400x1800mm (LxWxH)
The machine can pack different sizes of sanitary napkin like mini one, day/night sanitary pad. It comes with 1pc per pack, easy to take and improve sanitary level.
We use Panasonic PLC as the brain of machine, it meets intelligent and stable operation standard.
Touch screen is the best partner of PLC, machine user can control the machine easily and track the working status. English/Chinese and other language are available according to customer's needs.
Servo motor can make machine's movement precise and efficient, especially guarantee the stablility under high speed operation. Meanwhile, it has lower noise and heating.
The sensor is designed to track the mark on film, so make every pouch with same size. It is able to work with different color mark, like black, blue, white, green, etc.
How we manufacturing the wet wipe machines?
We operate in a modern factory with 20,000 square meters production area, there are 10+ workshops for manufacturing wet wipe machine, face mask machine,cutlery packing machine and sanitary pad packing machines.
We are an ISO 9001:2015 company, it means all our manufacturing follow standard process and comply with strict quality standard.
Our workshop for sanitary napkin packing machine, it is in the same workshop of our face mask packing machine.
This workshop is nearly 1000 square meter.China Sanitary Pad Packing Machine suppliers

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