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Polyester wadding roll compression packing machine
To press whole roll of polyester wadding roll into small roll, for easier storage and transportation. The elasticity rate 80% higher than traditional vacuum packing.,the advantage is as follows:
1. Time adjustable,by pressure reducing valve,vacuum packing, pushing time in system.
2. Fan motor driven, strong and stable.
3. Least labor and time but best packing effects.
4. With wheel, easy to move.
5.Packing Diameter Can Be Adjusted
6.Packing Length Can Be Customized
Effective packing width1500-3000mm
Effective packing diameter鈮?100mm
Effective shrinkage diameter300mm
Working speed30 seconds per one
Power6 kw
Worker per flight2
Working method
Cylinder squeeze with vacuum pump
suction type
1.Reduce hollow fiber costs, as well as packaging costs
2.Reduce labor consumption
3.Pneumatic compression, cost controllable

鈼?WENZHOU YUANJI INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD is located at No. 78 Xiansheng Road, Xianyan Industrial Zone, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province.
鈼?Professional packaging equipment replaces manpower through pneumatic compression, reduces product footprint and facilitates transportation.
鈼?The company is close to Wenzhou Longwan Airport and Wenzhou southeast Station, with convenient transportation, almost half an hour鈥檚 drive.
1.Checking the product length, diameter and weight of the product to confirm whether custom equipment is needed or not.
2.Samples can be packaged, if there is demand, you can send products to us, we will take a video to package feedback to customers.
3.The color can be selected for the machine, and the machine can be directly debugged in supplier鈥檚 factory without subsequent installation.
1.Provide a schematic diagram of the machine's operation to assist the customer in connecting the air pipe to make the machine run normally.
2.After installation and commissioning, if you have any follow-up questions, you can contact us.
3.If you have new ideas about packaged products, you are also welcome to contact us and negotiate together, we can customize different equipment.
Q1:You鈥檙e trading company or factory?
A1:We鈥檙e machine manufacturer,and we have our own trading company.
Q2:What is the guarantee of the machine?
A2:According to the hundreds of production lines we exported, the machine has no major problems, and we will equip customers with basic wearing parts.
Q3: What package do you use for the machine?
A3:We鈥檒l pack the machine by wooden pallet to make sure there is no problem for transportation.Package Machine manufacturers

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