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Stainless Steel Lost Wax Casting
Material and properties of investment casting
Haosen produces precision castings using the lost-wax technique. These castings have low surface roughness values, precise tolerances and are the highest quality steel castings available on the market. They are often used for components that operate in hostile environments, such as large differences in temperature or where the components are required to be especially hard, strong or light. To meet these tough demands, special alloys are often used for these castings.

Shape tolerance:Freedom   in style and design
Roughness:High   surface quality & low roughness values (Ra 1.6 – 6.3 µm)
Dimensional tolerancesCT4-CT6
Complexity:Complex   shapes can be cast as a single component
Machining:Little   to no machining is required
Undercuts:Products   with undercuts can be cast
Series:Suitable   for smaller and larger serie
Features & Benefits
If you select  Haosen  to have your steel component developed and produced, then you are opting for quality, certainty and reliability. From idea to implementation. Our investment casting process has the following characteristics:
·   Significant freedom of shape and design
·   Nearly every steel alloy is possible
·   High degree of dimensioning precision
·   No release angle required
·   High surface quality
·   Obviates mechanical post-processing
·   Non-releasing cores can be cast
Product show
Factory show

Favorable comments for customer
Our customer includes Rosemount, ABB, Simens, E+H etc.By excellent product and service, we are awarded as the golden supplier by Rosemount, the biggest automatic instrument company in the world. Our products are welcomed all over the world, like USA,France,Germany, Russia, Singapore and other counties and regions.

1. Q: When you company start your business? Where is your company?
A: Our company founded in 1988, at first, we only have two sets lathe, and with thirty years       development, we are now the biggest investment company in  northwest of China. and our YanLiang, Xi’an, China, it is in middle of China.

2.  Q: Do you company supply machining service?
A: Yes, we can supply CNC machining service, by the way, our company divide into four department, which is precision casting department, CNC machining department, Mold department, Turbine blade department. Precision casting department is for producing castings, CNC machining department is for machining parts, Mold department is for mold making, and turbine blade department is a machining workshop which is special for turbine blade machining.
[email protected] Steel Investment Casting suppliers
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